I’m a New Driver and I’m Going to Get Six Points. How Can I Stop My Licence from Being Revoked?

The Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995 (referred to as the New Drivers' Rules) says that new drivers are effectively subject to a 2 year probation period from the date they pass their practical test and obtain their licence. This means that their licence will be revoked if the individual reaches 6 or more penalty points within that 2 year period.

Revocation means that the person will have to reapply for their provisional licence and then pass both theory and practical tests again before they are able to obtain their full driving licence. This can obviously be very costly and can mean that the individual is left in limbo, not knowing exactly when they will be able to drive again which can have serious implications on their ability to work/study etc.
Below are some frequently asked questions about the New Drivers Rules. If you're worried about losing your driving licence because you're a new driver, call 0330 1330 081 for free initial advice. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form below.

Potentially yes, although it will depend on your circumstances and the nature of the offence/s you committed.  We can advise you of the likelihood of avoiding revocation should you wish to consider it. We have successfully avoided many revocations in the past for people in this position.

Any points which were imposed before a test will be taken into account for a 3 year period from the date of the offence. Therefore if you pass your test with 3 points already on your licence (from a year ago) and then get caught going through a red light a few weeks after passing your test, you would get a further 3 points. This would bring you to 6 in total and as you are within your probation period, your licence will ordinarily be revoked. If you already have 6 points at the time of passing your test, but don't attract any more points within the next two years, your licence will be safe.

Unfortunately, once you've sent your licence off to DVLA for the points to be added, there's not a lot you can do. You can try and contact DVLA before they automatically revoke your licence stating that you no longer wish to accept the Fixed Penalty and that you wish to have the matter dealt with in court. However, if they've already processed it, then unless it's because they've made an error you're likely to have to accept it.