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Facing a speeding offence and don’t know what to expect….?

Use our speeding offence penalty calculator

Have you been caught speeding either by a fixed speed camera or mobile speed camera? Are you worried about what’s likely to happen next? If so, the speeding offence penalty calculator below should give you a good idea of what to expect.

You should note that if the result indicates that you will receive more than 3 points, it is likely that your speeding offence will need to be dealt with by a court, rather than by way of fixed penalty. That said, sometimes the police offer fixed penalties for higher speeds than the guidelines. Therefore, if you accept your guilt and are offered a fixed penalty (as occasionally happens), you may decide it’s best to accept it. We can advise you of this. Once you decline a fixed penalty offer, or it expires, the court will need to deal with your matter.

Remember the speeding offence penalty calculator is only a guide and you should not rely upon it. If you’re facing a speeding allegation and are worried about the consequences, you should give us a call on the number below. Our initial advice is free.

Getting advice early is important. The sooner you get in touch, the more help our motoring offence solicitors can give you.

If you’re facing a speeding offence and the police didn’t stop you at the time, you are likely to be notified about the offence via a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Have a look at our advice on this here.

Calculate your speeding offence penalty

Please fill in the form, click “Calculate” and a result will be displayed below. It will tell you the likely penalty based on the Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines

Please note that this calculator does not currently work for drivers who have held their licence for less than two years and are subject to the New Drivers Rules.

Speeding Calculator

What was your speed? (mph)

What was the speed limit? (mph)

How many points did you have on your licence at the time of this offence?
(include the three years before the date of this offence)

For free advice, speak to a solicitor on our local rate number 0330 1330 081 or, if you prefer, fill out our Contact Form and we'll call you back: usually the same day and often within the hour. You can also email us here.