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Motoring Offences

Pragma Law can advise on all manner of motoring offences. Because we offer free advice, you don’t need to wait until the matter gets to court; if you get help now, it may not get that far.

We regularly persuade prosecutors eg. the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, DVSA  to withdraw offences which means no penalty at all can be imposed. When this happens, we usually manage to re-coup a proportion of our clients’ legal fees. That’s got to be better than a hefty fine, possibly points, and a criminal conviction.

Police Interviews

If you’ve received contact from the police asking you to attend a police interview for a motoring offence, now is the time to get in touch. Depending on the type of motoring offence you’re facing, you many not be obliged to attend an interview – but the police may not tell you that. It may, or may not be in your best interests to attend the interview, and if you do attend, it’s important that you consider carefully how/if you should answer questions.

If you’ve been asked to attend a police interview, you should really get some advice first. After all, what you say in that interview may be used against you at court.

All too often, we are contacted by drivers after they’ve already been interviewed and have damaged their case. Interviews are stressful experiences, and for most people, it is an unfamiliar environment. This means that statements can be made which don’t necessarily reflect what the person was trying to convey. People panic in these situations and can say things which they wouldn’t normally say in a different environment. This often gives the police the evidence they need to prosecute a driver for a motoring offence which, prior to the interview, they wouldn’t have been able to prove.

Even if the evidence is there, a prosecution should not proceed unless it’s in the public interest. The prosecuting authorities frequently forget to apply this test, and it’s our job to apply it for them. Again, we’ve had many successes persuading them to withdraw motoring allegations that aren’t in the public interest.

Notices of Intended Prosecution and Fixed Penalty Notices

Want to check that the police have followed the correct procedure? This is important because if they haven’t, it may be that no conviction should follow.

Received a Notice of Intended Prosecution and don’t know how/whether to respond? Get advice now, as if you get it wrong, you could find yourself facing more serious motoring offence than that originally anticipated.

Got a notice offering you a fixed penalty for a motoring offence and don’t know whether to accept it? Give us a call. If you make the wrong decision, you could face a more serious penalty, not to mention a large financial penalty.

On the right is a list of some of the most common motoring offence issues we deal with. However, we have dealt with all manner of offences, the full list of which is too long to mention. If you’re in any doubt about whether you need advice, don’t risk getting it wrong: Get in touch today.


For free advice, speak to a solicitor on our local rate number 0330 1330 081 or, if you prefer, fill out our Contact Form and we'll call you back: usually the same day and often within the hour. You can also email us here.