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& Motoring Offences

You’ll often find our solicitors representing clients at Leicester Magistrates’ Court in relation to various motoring matters. We only deal with motoring and transport law, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing.

We give free initial advice in relation to all types of motoring offences, whether that be drink driving, speeding, driving whilst using a mobile phone, careless driving to name but a few. Pragma’s website has numerous pages dedicated to our most commonly encountered driving offences, but the list is not exhaustive. Therefore if you don’t see your particular driving offence listed, we are very likely to still able to deal with it.

The main priority for most motorists is to protect their driving licence by avoiding penalty points and or a driving ban. Our solicitors near Leicester can advise you on whether there are any defences available or special reasons arguments which may enable you to avoid penalty points or disqualification.

If you are concerned about losing your licence because you are about to reach twelve or more penalty points,  you should know that our solicitors successfully avoided countless driving bans for motorists by putting forward exceptional hardship and special reasons arguments. We have the experience to provide you with reliable clear advice in relation to all types of motoring allegations including speeding, driving without insurance, failing to identify the driver of a vehicle, red light offences etc. If you have received a court summons for a hearing at Leicester Magistrates Court or are concerned you may do in the future, get in touch with us and we’ll give you all the help we can.

You can either call 0330 1330 081, or use our contact form below.



For free advice, speak to a solicitor on our local rate number 0330 1330 081 or, if you prefer, fill out our Contact Form and we'll call you back: usually the same day and often within the hour. You can also email us here.